Monday, November 1, 2010

The day after THE day

Halloween is the holiday I love to hate. I outwardly talk about how much I cannot stand to have candy in the house, while secretly my mind is screaming "Bring it on!"

This year, I bought our candy Sunday, because I really could not risk having it in the house any sooner. I put it in a closet -- still in its original packaging -- and I was so busy yesterday, I swear I didn't give it a second thought until it started to get dark. Out came the candy -- but as I was putting it into the bowl, I stared it down while repeating over and over again: "I am better than you. I deserve more"

I now talk to candy. Great. But it worked.

Of course this year, not one trick-or-treater stopped by. The FULL bowl of candy was on our staircase as I was walking upstairs to go to bed last night, and my hand automatically slipped into the bowl and grabbed two pieces of chocolate. I looked at my hand, stared the candy down, and repeated yet again, "I am better than you. I deserve more."

I ate not one piece of candy yesterday. Zero. Nadda. What a feeling of accomplishment.

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