Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New me? I'm hoping...

I started a blog because, honestly, my friends and family do not want to listen to me talk about dieting. My kids tell me I look fine, my husband is brilliant, so of course he never says a word (which speaks volumes), and truth be told, I bore myself. This blog is my place to vent, and perhaps, I'll pick up a friend or two along the way.
I am too old to be constrained by weighing and measuring my food, eating specific foods at specific times, or spending hours in a gym. My age has also taught me that diets don't work. Sure, they work when I follow them, but two months after reaching my goal, I stop weighing myself daily, and before long am back wearing my fat clothes.
Today is Wednesday, a very odd day for me to finally decide enough is enough. Past diets always started on Monday, after a weekend of eating everything in sight. This Monday I was horrid. All I"ll admit to is a box of biscotti and two bags of licorice -- one black, one red. Yesterday I was excellent.
In the middle of the night, I got the idea to start a blog. Why not, I reasoned? I am an ex-journalist, and there are millions of ex-J school grads in the blogosphere. And then I thought that perhaps if I write my thoughts daily, I will eventually understand the very good me, and the very bad me. There has also been tons of articles online and in print this week about journaling, so for me, this is it.  
My goals are normal this time: I have a number of pounds in my mind that I want to shed. I also want to begin exercising again, but unlike past exercise plans, I am not going to go crazy and wind up injuring myself. 
And I am going to post daily. Lofty goals. But it's a start.