Friday, October 29, 2010


Thursday was really awesome. First, I slept 7 1/2 hours Wednesday night, which for me is remarkable.

I started the day before dawn, decorating my new meditation room. When I finished, it was still dark, so I turned out the light, lighted the candles, and deep breathing meditation for 35 minutes. Thank goodness I set my alarm, because I really was transported to another place.

I then met my friend Ann at the mall, we walked for 45 minutes, and I was back at my home desk, ready to work by 9. I was organized, productive, and so in control. I ate well, and yes, I felt energized enough to cut up vegetables so two big salads marked lunch and dinner. I journaled throughout the day, and the happy mood I was in Thursday morning continued throughout the day.

I finished the day taking a yoga class.

As I sit here this morning thinking about yesterday, I'm wearing a big smile. Sleep, exercise, meditation, good food choices, journaling, combined with a committment to make time for myself, really does work.

Leading a healthy life takes work. But isn't everything good worth all the effort you can put into it.

I am printing this post out and putting it in my journal. If I have day when I am not as positive, I hope I will pull this out and read it carefully.

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