Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Since I got on the scale last night at Weight Watchers, the word "wow" has been circling through my brain. I lost another 4.6 pounds, which brings my two-week weight loss to 11 pounds.

I know I am going to slow down this week, but an immediate 11-pound weight loss is amazing for me. My body just doesn't perform like that. At least it hasn't prior to this year.

This time around it really is different for me. Those demons in my brain that usually tell me I am a failure and will never lose weight are almost gone. Instead, I'm thinking "Wow," and "I will do this" all the time. When the demons start trying to butt in, I mentally tell them to get lost. You cannot believe how freeing that is. And most days it's just a simple "go away" that sends them packing.

This so makes me feel in control. And that's key: Because when I am in control, I eat well. I make good food choices. I reach for the piece of fruit instead of something better left on the shelf. Or a have a glass of water or a cup of tea, wait 20 minutes, and in most cases it's a few hours before I am thinking about food again.

It's as if everything I have known about dieting for years is finally coming together for me. I know part of the reason is my sleep apnea diagnosis. Continue following my old ways, and the sleep apnea will be just the beginning of my medical issues. I am so thankful I finally woke up and faced reality.

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