Friday, January 21, 2011

Give this girl an "A"

I passed my test: Ate like a "normal" person last night, and today, I'm feeling like I've begun to really win that battle of my bulge.

Last night I ate out, in a French restaurant no less. I picked out what I wanted online before I got to the restaurant -- Seafood Bouillabaisse or Grilled Tuna Salad -- and had told myself that was exactly what I wanted. I also decided not to pay attention to the night's specials.

But then I found out that last night the restaurant was offering the Grilled Tuna Salad in an appetizer portion, and the Bouillabaisse came in two sizes. I took it as a sign that this time I will succeed. I had both, settling on the small Bouillabaisse and adding a glass of red wine -- because I knew I was within my PointsPlus.

And as the desserts went around the table -- Crepes and Creme Brulee -- I decided not to take even one bite. It's not that I wasn't tempted, because I was. But for some reason I was not tempted enough to take a bite. Instead, I sipped a cup of Ginger Lemon tea, and I was content.

Wow. Bring on the weekend!

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