Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Imaginary "friends"

Yesterday, I named my negative internal voice Pallin, my positive voice Hepzabah. But midday, just when I was about to eat something I shouldn't, I started thinking Pallin, and avoided temptation.

So now Pallin has just become my inner BAD voice, the one that tells me I really want that chocolate chip cookie. Yesterday it was Pallin -- in her oh so annoying voice -- telling me to eat that cookie, and since there is no way I would ever do what Pallin advised, I ate some grapes instead.

Could it be this easy? Probably not. But it certainly gave me pause yesterday because it worked. Will it work all the time? Probably not, but that's OK since I am not into perfection. But I am so into tricks, and as long as this works for me, I will use it. Over and over again.

The key for me was identifying a person whose ideas I abhor and make her my inner voice of "unreason." I disagree with just about everything she stands for, so why would I ever follow her advice when she's telling me to eat chocolate chip cookies? I put a face to my inner tormentor, and yesterday I loved the result.

And of course, there is no worry that I might start talking to myself. The least amount of time I spend with Sarah P, the happier I will be!

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