Wednesday, March 9, 2011


When did willpower become a dirty word, so not PC? I think it's an outgrowth of our inability to take responsibility for our actions. It's just easier to blame our added weight on our moms, our husbands, our lives.

Today, I take absolute responsibility for my weight. My mom might have caused me to have some body issues, but my mother died 19 years ago and my thinking about what she did does me no good. Get over it, get a backbone, and get on with life.

My lack of being able to stay true to a diet plan is my fault, not mom's. I did this to myself. I just like food too much.

Which gets me back to the "W' word. Personally, I think it makes a powerful statement. Willpower is having the strength to act in pursuing a goal. It's all about self-discipline, something else dieters are sometimes told to ignore. I think willpower and self-control is exactly what I should be striving for. Of course, the danger here is that when I go off track, my negative internal voices will tell me I am a failure with absolutely no willpower.

So here are my new two tricks for boosting my willpower.
1. I named my negative and positive voices early last month. It's much easier for me to shoot down a negative voice when I am picturing my negative voice (Palin), saying the words. When I remember to conjure up Palin, I am able to shut down my negative voice. I need to work on this, so it becomes second nature.
2. Just say no. I hated that easy solution Nancy Reagan thought would cure drug addiction, but when it comes to food, a few internal "NOs" screamed in my mind might just snap me out of an eating binge.

I really think it's time to get tough with myself.

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