Monday, March 14, 2011

Aching knees!

We all have our reasons for losing weight: Clothes that fit, better health, more energy.

All good reasons. But here's another: A low body weight is vital for healthy joints in our lower body. For every extra pound of body weight we lug around, our hips and knee joints suffer five times the impact. Five extra pounds adds 25 pounds of impact every time you take a step.

I want to lose 35 pounds, which would mean my knees and hips would thank me for losing 175 pounds of impact. Too much to comprehend.

But I love that 5-pound figure. So that's my new goal. By the end of April, I will lose 5 pounds, but internally I will process that number as 25 pounds. When June 1st comes around, my total will be 10 -- but actually 50. I can easily do 5 pounds a month. And if I look at it this way, by Nov. 1, I will be at goal weight. That's just in time to turn my clothes over to all-winter outfits. And when I do, I will pack up my fat clothes, and off they will go to Goodwill.

Another great concept: A closet filled with one-size clothes.

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