Thursday, March 3, 2011


Yesterday I wrote about the dangers of boredom and lethargy. Put them together, and I want to eat everything in sight.

So I was amused yesterday when I got to Weight Watchers and the topic dealt with boredom: How eating the same thing or exercising the same way day after day can be a recipe for disaster. Boy did that hit home.

Our leader cautioned us to avoid the food ruts, exactly what I have been doing. OK, I mix it up nightly, but during the day, it's the same old same old day after day. Oatmeal with an apple, chia seeds, cinnamon and coconut milk for breakfast; usually a grapefruit mid-morning; green salad for lunch -- and recently, I've even skipped the chicken, so no protein on the salad -- and an apple and popcorn treat before dinner. It's good and nutritious, but I am SO in a rut.

Since I do yoga, no one class is ever the same. And even if all classes were identical, I love yoga so much I don't think I would mind.

But food: another thing entirely. I really thought about what my new WW leader, Ann Marie, said yesterday, and this weekend, the first thing I am going to do is get out my cookbooks and start planning 21 meals for next week, all a tad different from each other. Life is all about choices, and this week, it's all about getting what I need to keep me on track.

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