Monday, March 21, 2011

So hard

Anyone who says dieting is a snap has never dieted. And yes, although my blog's name is telling me not to diet, face facts: A healthy eating plan that makes you lose weight is a diet.

And right now, it's been near impossible for me to stay on my eating plan. I wake up each morning determined to eat great, and by noon, all best intentions are gone.

Yesterday, I even started to go though some diet books again, because yet again, I am desperate.

I am boring myself. How many Monday mornings do I have to sit at my computer angry at myself? I should know better. If for no other reason, I need to shed pounds so that maybe I can ditch my CPAP machine, the cure for my sleep apnea and the mask I dread doning nightly.

So today, yet again, I start anew. And today, I am going to do one thing: drink eight glasses of water. No magic here. Just common sense.

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  1. My colleague and I are doing a juice cleanse starting next Monday. Another friend did one with 3 of the gals in her office and said she felt great afterward. All I know is she looked fantastic after she was done. She also said you get so much to drink, the only time she was hungry for the 5 days was the first morning between her first and second drink. I'm hoping that for JUST 5 days I can be good and not cheat. (Doing if from The Stand Juice Bar in Norwalk.)