Thursday, January 21, 2010

Word power

At my Monday meeting with my lifestyle and nutrition coach Heather Pierce, she instructed me to pepper my home, office and car with little notes that will subconsciously help me stay true to my diet. What I wrote on those notes was up to me.

The first note I wrote was "stop," which I was going to place on my fridge. But then I thought -- "how negative" -- and ripped it up. Instead, a happy face now adorns the refrigerator door, and a message that says "think" greats me when I open the freezer. "Good choices" is what I chose for my pantry. And "the power of 12," my lucky number, is on my computer to greet me each morning when I sit down to write my blog.

But I needed something powerful in my car, at work, on my bathroom mirror and in my wallet. I first wrote, "What do you want," because it immediately makes me think of Kara's wedding, Kara and Bryan saying their vows in 99 days at the edge of the ocean, and me looking very much like Moby Dick.

I ripped that note up and wrote, "What do you really want." Adding that one little word changed the whole meaning of the note. Really!

Because besides world peace, this is what I really want:
  • To live and long and healthy life;
  • To be vibrant of mind and healthy of body so I won't be a burden to my three children, their significant others, and my husband;
  • To be able to play, laugh and hike with my grandchildren, so when I spend a morning at Monkey Joe's bouncing with Sammy, I won't have to take masses of ibuprofen to get me through the next week;
  • To not be the old drooling woman in the corner at holidays.

Could these little notes be the key that makes me stay on a diet, to eat only healthy foods and exercise? Or should I say that once again Heather Pierce -- -- came to my rescue and made a simple suggestion that might actually save my life

Only time will tell. But for right now, whether I actually see any of those notes or subconsciously know they are there, I have been eating three healthy meals a day and reach for good snacks when I am hungry between meals.

I want to dance at my grandchildren's weddings. I have a lot of living to do, not only at Kara's wedding, but for many years after that.


  1. Binging already! Your intention is there but your post is riddled with one of our forbidden words: WANT! How can you restate these to more positive, more "in control" phrases so that you are living with the life you want now? It is so important that we state our intentions and affirmations in the present tense in order to achieve success.

    For example, "Because besides world peace, this is what I really HAVE AND LOVE ABOUT MY LIFE:
    I AM LIVING A long and healthy life;
    I AM vibrant of mind and healthy of body. I AM LIVING A FULL LIFE FOR my three children, their significant others, and my husband;
    I AM able to play, laugh and hike with my grandchildren, so when I spend a morning at Monkey Joe's bouncing with Sammy

    Keep it up!

  2. Good for you, Ann. We can do this together!

  3. I so agree with what you are saying Heather, but right now, there are some things that I really want and do not have. For example, I did spend a morning right before Christmas at Monkey Joe's, bouncing all over the place with our darling Sammy, BUT THE REALITY IS I couldn't move well for a week. So I can be as positive and life affirming as I want, but at times, reality sets in. So here's my attempt at being positive while remembering the pain I suffered: The next time we are in Tega Cay, Sammy and I have a date at Monkey Joe's, we will bounce all morning, and I will leave feeling vibrant and alive. Better?
    Can I please keep my Post It note that asks me: What do I really want? I promise to answer myself in only positive sentences!