Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wake-up call

We decided that this past holiday season, there would be no presents. But we've had some issues recently, and honestly, hubby Jack and I decided we needed to laugh -- really laugh like we did decades ago. We recently spent the weekend with relatives who had a Wii, we played and laughed, and decided it might just be the tonic we need.

Last week, we bought a Wii. And after a few nights of trying to set it up, we were about to return it, when our son, Tim, stopped by Sunday afternoon and got it working in less than 30 minutes. How did he get so smart?

Anyhow, last night was game night. And we had so much fun, we decided this will be a nightly ritual. After we played a few holes of golf, a few games of tennis, and a bit of bowling, I decided to get really brave and hook up the WiiFit. The combo of the sports games followed by me trying to perfect the super hulu hoop in WiiFit gave us more than one belly laugh. We looked pitiful, but boy did we have fun.

In fact, it was the most fun I've ever had exercising. And I burned some calories -- albeit not too many -- but you gotta start somewhere. But since this is my week for confession, I will admit that my BMI is way too high, I do fall into the obese category, and it's a really good thing I decided to get serious about eating better. It was hard seeing the word obese taking up a good part of my TV screen, but it wasn't as if it came as any surprise.

One of my friends told me that a recently-released study found that obese kids were losing weight without dieting; the only thing they are doing differently is regularly using a Wii.

So here's my newest plan: In the morning I'll use WiiFit, and each night, Jack and I will play a round of golf, have a game of tennis, or maybe hit the Wii bowling alley. After we do some exercise, we can reward ourselves with a bit of couch potato-ing.

Want to know the most important thing the Wii did for me last night? I was tired when I finished, really had no desire to eat anything, and had the best night sleep I've had in a long time. That alone was worth the cost of the system. And one more thing: Yesterday I ate really well, exactly what I wanted to accomplish. So the first day of my resolve to look good for Kara and Bryan's wedding was a success. I pray I do as well today!

115 days to go....


  1. You can do it! I am addicted to Tennis at the moment. It is so fun! I am also an expert bowler. Maybe we should have a tournament!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Now that would be a blast. It could be part of our Monday night family dinners! Although, there is no way I will be an expert in anything for a really long time. I have no coordination. No surprise there either!