Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My tiny experiment

I tried an experiment last week that I am now ready to share. Each time I looked at a food, instead of calling it a good food or a bad one, I decided to think of every food as either a friend or acquaintance.

So something like ice cream, which I would once have called a bad food (and one of my favorite things on Earth), is just an acquaintance I should see from time to time. My nutrition and lifestyles coach Heather Pierce is trying to banish negatives from my mind, because positives will give me the power over food and food is no longer my enemy. The friend/acquaintance thing is my interpretation of Heather's advice.

So ice cream, my new acquaintance, is a food I will bump into from time to time, and when I decide to spend some time with it, I should do so with care. Perhaps I might decided to take a few bites, or decide a big scoop is what I need. But since it is an acquaintance, I will not see ice cream the next day.

When I spoke with Heather last night for my weekly check-in, I didn't tell her about my little experiment. For some reason, I wanted to write about it first to be sure it didn't sound too far out. And as I'm putting my thoughts together this morning, although this whole thing is a bit weird, I'm actually liking what I just wrote. Whatever works!

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