Friday, January 8, 2010


Friday: My time to look over the past week and decide how I did.

Since Monday, I would have to give myself an A+ for sticking to my diet, but I'm actually giving myself a failing grade because I am doing exactly what I said I would not do when I started this blog: I am on a diet. I had sworn diets were out of my life and I was going to concentrate on healthy eating and exercise. But throw the holidays and stress into my mix, and all my good intentions went out the window.

So yes, I've already shed the pounds I gained over the holidays -- there really is nothing better than the 1st Personal Diet for doing that. But it really is not the way I want to -- or can -- eat for the rest of my life. It's working now, and I pray it continues to work for the next four months.

Here is my plan for this week, with one long-term goal thrown in.
  • Long term: Stay true to the 1st Personal Diet until Kara's wedding in May.
  • Call Heather Pierce (aka Heather Wellness) this week. Heather is my Nutrition and Lifestyles coach, and I really need her to achieve ultimate success.
  • Daily: weigh myself, exercise and drink my fill of water.
  • Chew each bite 25 times.
And one more thing: Stop beating myself up. I cannot change what I did in the past. I can only make things better in the future.

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