Monday, January 18, 2010


I spent my weekend reorganizing my kitchen cabinets, including the walk-in pantry that had become impossible to walk into, let alone find the food I was searching for. I realized how out-of-control my kitchen had become when I hosted a Pampered Chef party last week, decided to make some cookies for my guests, and could not find even one of my four cooling racks.

And then my husband came down with the flu Friday, so I thought that since we were not going anyplace this weekend, this was the perfect time to tackle the kitchen. And everything I have ever read about eating healthy says the first place to start is your kitchen, purging it of everything that does not fit into your eating plan.

I'm purged. The kitchen cabinets are pristine, the walk-in pantry spotless and organized, and all my herbs and spices are back in alphabetical order. I even made it to the grocery store, so I'm ready to cook this week, but even more importantly, I know where everything is.

My weekend was not fun, but it was satisfying, and with each old pot, pan or kitchen-cabinet detritus I threw out, I was renewing my resolve to live a healthier, simpler life. And last night, before I went to sleep, I made a list of tasks to accomplish this week, something I used to do every Sunday night but have not done in years.

I feel more in control today. I'm hoping this control spills over into the food choices I make today.

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