Tuesday, January 19, 2010

100 days

I just recounted -- and it's an even 100 days until our daughter, Kara's wedding. Yippee: An extra day to shed some pounds!

Today, Friday, is my favorite day of the week, my time to reflect on the past week and set goals for the next seven days. I actually loved this past week because I set some goals and accomplished them all. I cleaned out our kitchen cabinets, pantry and refrigerator, which was monumental. De-cluttering really is cathartic. I made an appointment -- and then kept the appointment -- with Heather Pierce, my nutrition and lifestyles coach. Another monumental feat!

For next week:
  • If you read yesterday's comments, you'll see that Heather knows I have lots of work to do. So this week, I will be more positive and remove the word want from my vocabulary.
  • I will eat the way I ate this week, because honestly, I feel great this morning. Breakfast: vegetable and part-skim mozzarella; Mid-morning snack: whole grapefruit; Lunch: Arugula, spinach, chicken breast slices, diced apple, 2 scallions, ginger, all dressed with just Balsamic vinegar; Mid-afternoon snack: apple, 6 rice crackers; Dinner: grilled poultry, fish or beef, green vegetables, salad, baked apple for dessert; After-dinner snack, if hungry, with my tea: 6 rice crackers.
  • I will continue to drink 8 glasses of water each day.
And that's enough!

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