Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BIG Wii love

Today, a love note to my Wii.

Yes, I have given up Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds for the WiiFit. The last time I enjoyed exercising this much was when I took Nancy Strong's aerobic classes in the '80s. The only thing missing now is the group of friends I made back then, but then again, I look so funny when I exercise now that I am better off doing it alone...in the dark...where no one can see me.

My Wii checks my weight and BMI daily, and although the word "obese" flashing across my TV screen is still upsetting, I know if I keep it up, one of these days I'll simply be overweight. And when I reach that milestone, I am getting myself a massage, a treat for my sore muscles.

My only complaint about the Wii is that to do 30 minutes of exercise, I am on the Wii double that time because of the charts and set-up time between each exercise. But what I love most about the program is that each day I am working against myself, trying to improve the previous day's score. And the hour I spend each morning on the Wii is really FUN -- something we all need a little more of.

I feel like a kid again. And I am still sleeping better. I'm praying this euphoria lasts!

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