Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why am I so hungry?

When I think of the past month, the first word that pops into my mind is SNOW, quickly followed by cold, dark and damp.

And I wonder why I am hungry most of the time? Bears know what to do when winter hits. What's wrong with humans? The idea of sleeping the winter away is really attractive.

But I'm not a bear, so last night's Weight Watchers talk was just what I needed: When hunger strikes, what can you do instead of eating? The challenge is to come up with 10 quick fixes that will take you from eating everything in sight to staying in control. It seems like this should be a snap to throw together; take it from me, it's not. Sure, I could have thought of 10 things, but would they really work for me?

Some of the ideas thrown out last night included taking a walk or taking a bath. My bath tub is huge -- I could eat my pantry in the time it would take me to fill the tub. As for the walk: A walk in my icy neighborhood right now would end with a trip to the hospital. Although I will tuck that thought away for when -- and if -- spring ever arrives.

Since I can only come up with three ideas, I'm obviously still working on my list. But I think it's important enough to keep thinking about. After all, I wouldn't go on vacation without a suitcase full of clothes. Isn't it wise to prepare for the worst?

1. STARE: I'll stare at the food I am about to consume in huge amounts. Really stare at it, all the while thinking: It's you or me, baby. Hopefully I will be the stronger than a lifeless object, no matter how yummy it may look.
2. SIP: Grab a bottle of flavored seltzer and sip it until it is at least half done. That alone should take me 20 minutes, the time it takes for my tummy to tell my brain I am full.
3. POP: Have a bag of Jolly Time popcorn -- 3 PointsPlus -- always ready at home or work. That and a bottle of seltzer really should do the trick.

I only need seven more....

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