Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello February....

...and good-by January, the month I decided to get serious and stay true to Weight Watchers. Did I eat well? Probably better than I have eaten in years. Was it hard? At times.

I did learn a few things last month that I plan on following -- hopefully forever.
1. I do not bring anything into my house that may cause a binge. When we have company, as soon as they are out the door, I toss any food that might throw me off track.
2. I plan my meals weekly, so I know exactly what we are having for dinner each night. I have no problem eating well during the day. It's always been the hours after 4 p.m. that has been my diet downfall. Not anymore.
3. I have a treat every night.
4. Grocery shopping makes me hungry. It doesn't matter if I just ate a Thanksgiving-like meal, when I hit the market, my stomach starts growling. So now I buy one or two bananas, depending on how hungry I am. As soon as I hit the car, the bananas come out. So much better than the package of Twizzlers that used to accompany me home.
5. Each night I say a prayer of Thanksgiving.
6. Each morning I say a prayer, asking for help.

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