Monday, October 18, 2010

Mind games

Yesterday I did something no one should ever do: grocery shopped when I was famished. I had just did 3 miles in the Connecticut Lymphoma Walk, and on my way home, decided to shop at Whole Foods.

Two steps into the doors I knew I had made a mistake. My stomach really started growling.

I made it through most of the aisles, and then I hit the nuts. I had my hand on this glorious bag of nuts, chocolate and dried fruit, when I flipped it over to read the calorie count. Reality smacked me in the face: 330 calories in 3 tablespoons. Since there were 10 servings in the bag, I knew by the time I got home I would have consumed 3,300 calories, just a tad more than my daily allotment.

But I needed something -- and fast. My solution was a dark chocolate and cherry cashew Kind bar, which weighed in at 4 Weight Watchers POINTS. I pared it with a bottle of mint water -- 0 calories -- and had my treat on the way home.

It did the trick. I felt in control and really proud of myself. And when I got home, I made myself a healthy lunch. Another baby step in the right direction.

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