Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A son's distress

I love it when the tables are turned and the son reprimands the mom -- exactly what happened recently to me. My literal son wanted to know why he should read my blog, titled "Diet? Not again!," when I have admitted that I am back on a diet.

So today, I defend myself.

I agree with my dear son, Tim. I had sworn off diets, and I was content with losing a pound here, a pound there, until my husband had some serious medical issues recently. Game change.

Jack was really healthy on the outside -- and even his cholesterol and blood pressure were terrific. What no one knew is that inside his arteries were clogging at an amazing rate. Sure, Jack needed to lose a few pounds, but he is active and healthy. When we learned how deceiving numbers can be, I started reading everything I could about heart disease, and it finally sunk in that belly fat weight is the worse weight any of us can be carrying around. I knew that. I had read about it for years. And I hated my waist, but I thought that losing weight gradually was the way to go.

Once the severity of Jack's condition broke through our thick shields of denial, I started to read everything I could about the best way to shed belly fat, because to me, it was not about losing weight anymore. It became about living. I was scared. Truth is, I still am.

So Tim: Yes, you are correct. I am on a diet, although I swore I would not do that when I started this blog. But as your lovely wife pointed out, I am actually on a mission to eat healthier. I am trying to find the foods that will quickly help my belly shrink. So for now, that's protein, dark green vegetables, whole grains, nuts and berries. And yes, a glass of red wine now and then fits into my eating plan. Sugar is out, as are most white things and brightly colored veggies.

This is working for me. I can go out for meals, and easily find things on the menu to eat. At dinner, I am perfectly content with a large spinach salad, fish, chicken, pork or beef with a half cup of quinoa or brown rice. Lunch and breakfast I vary, but it's always some whole grains, a protein, and at lunch, I include some berries. For snacks, I reach for walnuts or almonds or string cheese. And I fit these foods into my daily Weight Watchers Points.

Maybe in a few years I'll be writing my own diet book!


  1. I want the first signed copy! You are sounding stronger and stronger. Send some of that my way, please...

  2. You're doing great! Just remember to be patient - the weight didn't take 4 weeks to come on so it won't take that long to come off. How are you rewarding yourself for all your hard work? Treat yourself to a massage perhaps?