Monday, March 22, 2010

How sweet it isn't

I really always thought I was watching my sugar intake. I rarely eat processed foods. When I have cereal in the morning, it is always a low-sugar variety and I add rice milk, because I tolerate it better than cow's milk. I choose low-fat cheeses and salad dressings. And no matter how much exercise I do, the spare tire around my waist stays put. Recently, it's been growing, even though I was not gaining a pound.

Three weeks ago I read Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure, and decided to follow his advice on sugar. And what I discovered was that my diet was loaded with sugar. Tons of it. The rice milk and yogurt I ate daily was enough for four days. Cruise allows 15 grams of sugar a day. That's it.

Last week I blogged about how I am following two diets: Using Cruise's recommendations, but fitting them into Weight Watchers Points. The latest issue of WW's magazine gave some quick tips for breaking a weight plateau. And guess what: WW suggests counting sugar grams, and although it allows 10 more per day than Cruise, they are now admitting the sugar/weight connection. (Ironic because WW products are loaded with sugar. But I digress.)

Back to sugar. It's really pretty easy to control. I had to eliminate my favorite yogurt, which has 29 grams -- two days worth. Same with rice milk. Low-fat salad dressings? Gone. I just eat olive oil based ones now, that have 1 or less grams per sugar per serving. When I'm in a restaurant, I ask for oil and vinegar. I eat full fat cheeses. I just eat less. And guess what: Since they have more taste, I enjoy the experience more.

And the best news: My spare tire is still there, but it is slowly deflating. I love Jorge Cruise. He really is making my life so much sweeter.

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