Monday, August 16, 2010

Goal setting

When I started this blog, I thought I would include a health tip of the day on the home page, because, overall, I think it gives good advice. But last Friday's tip -- "Set a target weight for a specific occasion such as a vacation or family reunion" -- got me thinking about goals and dieting challenges I have had for too many years.

I have always lost weight for an event, rather than my health. And that is wrong, especially for people with weight issues, because as soon as the event happens, I breathe a deep sigh of relief and begin eating. And here is what I tell myself as I am stuffing my face:
1. I deserve to eat what I want because I have been so good for so long.
2. One day of eating will not make a difference.
3. I'll wake up tomorrow more determined than ever to start dieting again.

Ha. Tomorrow comes and I am off the diet for good -- or at least until I cannot stand myself anymore and start another diet.

I have a big family party coming up, and I would love to shed some pounds before that event. So I have expanded that diet tip, and since the party is more than a month away, I have set a goal of 10 pounds, about 2 pounds a week. But most importantly, I am keeping that 10-pound number in my mind, and reminding myself as many times during the day that I yes, want to lose 10 pounds, BUT this a quarter of the pounds I need to lose to reach my goal. It's the second part of this statement I think is so very important.

The party is at Daniel in NYC, a lavish event guarnteed to be a food extravanganza. I do not want to deprive myself of any of the rich, glorious food we will be eating. But I will also be talking with my family and friends, and dancing the night away, so although I will be eating like royalty, I plan on having a wonderful social time.

And before we leave for the party, I will plan my breakfast the next day, and be sure it is healthy and filling. The next day I plan on geting up and eating what I planned, which will put me back on track, ready to attack the rest of the weight I need to shed. I will also plan the type of exercise I will do, and then make sure I get off the couch.

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