Tuesday, April 6, 2010

With age....

....come many things. Aches and pains for sure. But also, some insight, and hopefully a sense of peace and contentment.

The past two months I have thought more about my life than I ever have before. Each time someone remarks that my husband, Jack, dodged a bullet, it reminds me how very lucky we all are that he told our doctor about some on-again/off-again pressure he felt in his chest when he exercised strenuously. If he hadn't, today's post would have a much different tone.

Because today, I want to talk about gratitude, and how truly thankful I am for my wonderful family and friends. As I write this last sentence, I think it sounds so trite, something that's easy enough to say, but really difficult to feel. But the last few weeks, I have started and ended each day thanking God for the people that are in my life, the reasons why I have finally started to feel content and so much calmer.

By now, you are probably asking what gratitude has to do with my blog? It's actually quite simple. I think the reason I have seen success at the scale is that for the first time in forever, I am accepting myself, recognizing that I am not and will never be perfect, and that my faults are what make me who I am. But I have made some pretty extraordinary choices in my life, surrounded myself with the most amazing and interesting people, and lead a life that is rich in relationships and love.

My body and mind are in sync, a major change, but one I am more than thankful has finally happened to me. The trick, like anything else, is not to let life get in the way, and to make the time each day to recognize and focus on the good. The bad will always be there, but I am striving to keep it in the rear-view mirror, like those pounds I am shedding on this weight loss journey that is all mine.


  1. New found inner peace...not many of us truly achieve that. Good for you!

  2. We'll see if it lasts. But I feel differently recently, approaching everything that happens in a new way. Maybe I really am growing up!