Monday, April 5, 2010


A week ago Saturday I almost went nuts at Weight Watchers. The scale had not budged for a week, and then last Saturday, I weighed .4 of a pound more than the week before.

Two days ago, as I tentatively stepped on the scale, I sent a short prayer skyward begging that I lost a bit. When I found out I had lost 6.8 pounds, I nearly fainted. That has never happened to me in a week. Of course, if I averaged that amount over three weeks, it comes out to 2.2 pounds a week, right on target. It also proved to everyone at Weight Watchers that I really had been tracking my food and exercising daily.

A week ago, I was ready to give up my diet. Today, I am more determined than ever to keep going.

I really do not care if it takes me a year to lose the remaining 34.2 pounds. And when I hit my next plateau -- because I know plateaus are inevitable, I will reread this post to gain strength and encouragement.

Like that little engine that could, I can and will reach my goal this time. Lifetime membership in Weight Watchers is achievable.

I've also decided that for every 10 pounds I lose, I am going to reward myself. I skipped the first 10, but 3.8 pounds more and I'll have shed 20 pounds. And for that, I am scheduling a massage. I can honestly say I am worth spending the money on. Bit by bit, my self respect is resurfacing.

I'm not as hard on myself as I have been. I'm almost at the point that I can say I really like myself. Can't wait for the day when I confidently tell myself I'm A-OK!

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    WAY TO GO GO GO!!!