Friday, April 2, 2010

Analyze this!

Recently, I've really been analyzing the psychotic nature of my eating habits. How can I be so true to healthy eating for months, and then one day, wake up, and start eating everything in sight?

Tomorrow, I get weighed in, but right now, according to the scale at Weight Watchers, I have gained .4 of a pound the past three weeks. Usually, this would send me into an eating frenzy, the trigger that would make me say to myself, "I cannot lose weight," which, for anyone with eating issues knows is the permission phrase to start those teeth a chomping.

Not this time. My choices were simple: I could persevere and hopefully, eventually, break through my plateau and lose a few pounds, or I could give up, start eating, and gain the 10 pounds I have fought so hard to lose at Weight Watchers the past few months.

I chose to keep eating on track. But why this time? Because I am really, really, really tired of gaining weight, reaching a point of disgust with myself, searching endlessly for the diet du jour, trying that for a few weeks, getting bored with it, gaining weight, and starting all over again. Just writing this last sentence makes my eyes glaze over.

I just cannot do this anymore. I am too old. It bores me.

So my goals for this week are simple.
1. I will continue with Weight Watchers, but continue to count sugar grams, and not exceed 15 grams of sugar each day.
2. Except for one day last week, when I logged around 8,000 steps, I have made my 10,000-steps-a-day goal. If I am short steps at the end of the night, I hope on my mini trampoline and make them up. This is my second goal of the week.

And each day, as many times a day as I can fit in, I will say these words: "I can do this. I will persevere." I know, It's silly. But sometimes, I listen to my inner voice. It can be very wise.

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