Friday, June 28, 2013

Supertaster I am not!

Yahoo Health has developed a simple test to determine if you are a supertaster. Why should we care? Because how you taste can determine your attitude toward food.
Here's the test: Place a very small sample of saccharin on the extreme tip of your tongue. Close your eyes and ask yourself: What do I taste?
  • No surprise here: I tasted only sweet, so I am an under-taster. My group has a high tolerance -- and desire -- for fatty, salty and sweet food. Because of this, when I eat I should remember that my sense of taste is underactive, which means I have to concentrate really hard on not eating when I am not really hungry or thirsty.
  • Average tasters taste bitter and sweet. When eating they need to avoid distractions and focus on the food they are putting into their mouths. They also need to pay attention to portion size.
  • Lucky supertasters, who find the saccharin very bitter. Although they love food, they tend to be leaner than most of the general public. But they also don't like fruits and vegetables that are sour or tart, they are sensitive to creamy and fatty foods, and in most cases they dislike beer and hard liquor.
Finally! I have something to blame for my blubber other than my mom and my love of Twizzlers. From now on, I'm pointing to my underactive tastebuds!

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