Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Don't look back

I've spent entirely too much time beating myself up over not losing weight years ago. A few days ago I had an aha moment: Stop looking back.

Instead, I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life concentrating on the present. It's all about the big picture and my goal: to lose weight so that I am a healthier person. It's not about dieting. It's about making good food choices consistently.

I've had slip ups in the past, but it's time to move past the past.

Consider the word present. It means the here and now, but it also means a gift, and that is how I want to consider each morning wake up. A chance to start all over, to enjoy the day, to learn something new, and to make incredible food choices that will make me a healthier person.

Here's to the present and looking ahead to the future, one with me in it, the healthiest g-mom around.

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