Sunday, June 9, 2013

Remaking my body

I was just sent a few stats so worth sharing:
  • Every 28 days, our skin replaces itself;
  • Our liver, every 5 months;
  • Our bones, every 10 years.
Our bodies make these new cells  by the food we eat.

I guess my mom was right: We really are what we eat.

This came to me in the middle of a food detox I am doing, to determine exactly what foods are poorly impacting my body. I have known for years that I am allergic to wheat, but I also know there has to be other things.

So after seven days of eating cleanly, something weird is beginning to happen: My patch of eczema, which for the past year has kept growing, is all of a sudden shrinking. It's about 80 percent gone, which I think is pretty amazing.

I still have another five days left eating from a small list of food, and then on Saturday, I gradually start adding food groups back into my system, waiting two days before adding another food. During this waiting period I have to pay attention to my body, looking for signs of bloating, upset tummy, headaches -- the list is long. And although this will probably take me months to finish, I am so ready for the challenge.

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