Thursday, September 9, 2010

Social events

Last weekend was a weekend of food -- a birthday party with the most amazing catered dinner, followed the next day by a wedding. And now this weekend, we have a party in New York, and surrounding that night, a house full of family with lots of eating going on.

This is not helping my diet. I admit that last weekend I ate so much more than I had been consuming, and it showed on the scale. But not that much, which is really a milestone for me. And I ramped up my exercise a bit last weekend to make up for those extra calories, and I'm sure that helped. So the extra two pounds that were registering on the scale Tuesday morning were gone today.

I am celebrating that. If I can make it through this weekend, perhaps going up a bit but immediately losing the weight, that will be more than a milestone. It will rate -- at least in my book -- among my biggest accomplishments EVER. And I need that right now.

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