Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dream a little dream

I've written about Charles Stuart Platkin, aka The Diet Detective, before, and today, I'm passing on some of his sage advice once again, from his Web site, www.DietDetective.com. It's a mind exercise, one I did a few weeks ago, and one I now cannot get out of my mind. And the image that has taken over my mind is really helping me whenever I feel tempted to eat. So here's his advice, which he calls a Life Preserver, and in my case, it really has become just that.

The first thing he asks you to do is to visualize what your life will be like after you've achieved your weight-loss goals.

Next, develop a scenario, a scene from your future. This is your Life Preserver. Mine took me a second to develop: Going into my closet every morning, facing a closet full of clothes that FIT, not a closet full of clothes in assorted sizes. In my closet of the future, there is enough space so I don't have to put seasonal clothes away.

And here are his suggestions for finding your Life Preserver
* Sit in a comfortable, quiet place.
* Close your eyes and just let yourself dream.
* Think about what losing all of the weight really looks like — are you climbing a mountain, outside playing with your kids, or maybe you just love the way you look and finally feel like yourself again.
* Concentrate on and imagine exactly what you hope to achieve. (Remember, this should be inspiring for you and you alone. This doesn't have to be what other people imagine for you!)
* To make this fantasy a reality, keep this vision in mind when you face roadblocks. Always hold on to your Life Preserver and prepare for unplanned situations by mentally preparing yourself.

Thank you Diet Detective.

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