Thursday, June 17, 2010

When enough really is enough

Two things happened this morning:
1. Without thinking I got out of bed, put on my sneakers, and did a 2-mile walk with my DVD buddies on Leslie Sansone's "Walk Away the Pounds."
2. After my walk, I checked my e-mail, and found Jane Powell's three-times-a-week Weight Meditation waiting for me. And the heading, "Enough is Enough!" is exactly what I had been saying to myself during my 2-mile walk. Kinda freaky!

After reading the meditation, I went outside and watered my flowers -- and really started to think about this weight-loss journey I am on. Instead of a straight road, my trip seems to be going in one big circle. I lose some pounds, I begin to feel better, and then something happens and I start eating yet again. I know I've written about this before -- too many times -- but if someone could figure out what starts someone eating, they would make a fortune.

But thank goodness something deep inside me makes me scream "Enough!" -- and I know it's time to get serious yet again.

The meditation I read today points out that when someone says "Enough is enough!" it's an epiphany, a major turning point, and one that will stay with them forever. It's the forever part I take issue with.

I have said that phrase over and over again, and yes, I am happy I reach that point -- over and over again -- because if I didn't, I would be an excellent candidate for the Biggest Loser. But as I was watering my plants, I thought about how tired I am of dieting, how bored I am talking about it, and how thankful I am for this blog, because by writing what I am thinking, I talk about dieting very little.

That doesn't mean I don't think about it. It consumes my thoughts whenever I have some downtime. And that cannot be good.

So here's my latest plan, and something I tried years ago that worked quite well. I am going to Staples today to buy rubber bands, and will wear one daily. Whenever I start thinking about food, or reach for something I really shouldn't eat, I am going to snap that band and say "Enough is enough!" If that doesn't help, I'll snap it again, and internally scream, "Enough is enough!"

Because, really, enough is enough.


  1. I think what happens (to me at least) is this: For folks that live to eat (that would be me, and I'm not talking about junk food in the least)who find they need to diet and successfully do so for a while, as they begin to feel better, they lose their focus on the amount of food their consuming because they DO feel good. And so the cycle repeats itself. The key is finding out how to break the damnable cycle once and for all!!!

  2. I couldn't agree more. That's why they call it yo-yo dieting. And I am its queen! Find out how to break that cycle, and you will own the world!