Friday, June 18, 2010


I love Fridays and all that they signify. The end of the work week. The beginning of a few days off. A chance to relax. A chance to see friends and family.

The downside of weekends is that I tend to eat more. My work day is so scheduled, plus I usually bring my lunch, which translates into terrific food choices. But on the weekends, I sometimes forget to eat breakfast, sometimes lunch, and by the time I remember to eat, my portion control flies out the window.

Yesterday, I did what I promised to do: Went to Staples and bought a huge bag of thin rubber bands. I was at a cocktail party last night, and on the drive to the party, I snapped that band over and over again, screaming in my head: Enough is enough! I tried two tiny hors d'oeuvres, sipped one glass of wine, and must have snapped that band at least 100 times. But instead of focusing on food, I focused on the guests, had some great conversations, and left knowing I had accomplished what some would say is a tiny goal, but for me, was a tremendous feat.

The rubber band is a crutch. Do I care? Not in the least, as long as it works.

My goals for the next week are simple:
1. Remember to wear the rubber band.
2. When tempted to eat something that is better left at the store or on the plate, I'll snap the band: An immediate dose of reality.
3. I will eat three meals a day this weekend -- at times that are appropriate.

That's it. I want the band snapping to become part of what I do, and those three tiny words -- enough is enough -- to become my mantra. I cannot think of three little words, when put together, are more meaningful to my weight and my health. A powerful message.

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  1. Do you suppose rubber bands come in designer styles? Martha Stewart colors?

    This could be the start of something BIG!