Friday, June 4, 2010

Today is a great day

I made it through this week, staying within my Weight Watchers Points, eating a variety of foods, and avoiding snacks, instead eating only three times a day, and last night, attending my first Weight Watchers meeting in five weeks.

And today, I'm feeling terrific. Lighter -- no not light, just lighter. And better about myself because this week has been a huge accomplishment, something that I need to celebrate. I cannot focus on the weight that crept back on since my Weight Watchers meeting -- 8 pounds to be exact -- which is horrid. But it is also in the past and today is a new day, another chance for me to prove to myself that I can do this.

Eating three meals a day -- with nothing in between -- is actually easier for me than I thought it would be. I am never hungry in the early morning, but because I was eating three meals plus two planned snacks each day, I would have breakfast between 6 and 7. At 10 a.m., I would snack, and then around 1, have lunch. 4 p.m. was snack time, and dinner was at 7:30.

No wonder I was obsessed with food. My mouth was constantly munching on something.

As I explained yesterday, I am following the advice of Tricia Greaves, who runs a Web site, She says to make sure you eat every 4 or 5 hours, the optimum time for your body to digest the previous meal, and for you to begin to feel hungry. And because I love products, I am also eating a Fullbar 30 minutes before lunch and dinner, which according to its developer, weight-loss surgeon Dr. Michael Synder, expands in your stomach, which makes you eat less.

What I did this week was to eat breakfast around 9, a protein-rich meal that keep me sated until lunch. At 1:30, I ate a Fullbar, and had lunch at 2. Another Fullbar at 7, and dinner at 7:30.

The most amazing part of this week for me: I did not think about food between meals. OK - maybe a few times, but most of the week I was not thinking about my next meal.

And in the back of my mind was this video I watched on Greaves' Web site, titled "Garbage eating: A binge eater's nightmare." Check it out at It was one of the most painful videos I have ever watched, because I saw myself and hated what I saw.

I watched it over and over again, and each time I did, I screamed "enough!" I pray I can follow through this time.


  1. You are learning to eat to live. Instead of living to eat. And I'm beginning to realize that it doesn't mean one doesn't enjoy eating, it just means eating is done in a sensible manner without obsession. Off to watch the video (and hopefully become enlightened about my own destructive eating habits.)
    (Speaking of food (and wine), I do believe it's time for lunch once again at Bloodroot! What day is good for you?)

  2. It's really tough to stay constant about food, especially when you love food.

    I have another tip to keep from eating too often. I am not saying it is scientific but it works for me -- I have bought Ricola sugar-free lemon-mint lozenges. When I am hungry and it is not time to eat, I have 2-3 of those -- they last 3-4 minutes if you suck them -- and that stops the hunger for a while. They also taste good. When they go on sale I buy a dozen bags at a time.