Friday, June 11, 2010

That time of year

I turned my closet over yesterday -- a task I really HATE to do. Why? Because I have too many clothes. Should be a nice predicament, but in my case, the only reason I have so many clothes is that I have three sizes: big (which I am in now); middle (which if I lose 15 pounds they would fit); and then there are my size 8s and 10s (which is where I want to be).

I should be patting myself on the back because my extra-bigs went to Goodwill last year.

I was locked in my closet all day, sorting and hanging, packing my cold-weather clothes away. And hour by hour, I was getting angrier and angrier. Why? Because my closet is 9-feet-by-12-feet -- and there is absolutely no reason why I should have to ever put clothes away for a season. If I was one size, there is more than enough room to hang four-seasons worth of clothes, with room left over for my sizable collection of shoes.

Just another reason why I need to lose weight. The only other option is to stop trying, but I'm not prepared to do that.

But I do have a plan.

The extra-bigs hung around my basement for three years before they were dropped off at Goodwill -- just in case I ever needed them. Ridiculous. Now, once something gets too big, it immediately is going to Goodwill or the tailor for alterations. So as I shrink, so will the space in my closet.


  1. I love doing the closets. I have the opposite problem from you though. I never have enough clothes because I hate to shop, so when I gain a few pounds my clothes get tight and everyone can see from miles around that I am busting out of what I'm wearing.

    Maybe I should buy a size SMALLER and put it on and look at myself in the mirror and realize what I have to do to lose weight. (Actually I tried that once and a beautiful pair of never-worn designer slacks made their way to the charity pile).

    I think you're on to something.

  2. Wow! Wish Ronnie would come do my closet - which I HATE to do. But, my hubs did his yesterday and I promised myself I'd do mine when I got home today.
    Like Ronnie, but on a much grander scale, I've bought smaller clothes promising myself I'd get into them. Um, nope...
    But if it EVER happens to me, if something becomes too big I'll donate it (or burn it in a celebratory bonfire) instead of storing it away. Great idea, Valerie!