Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What if

I love Jennifer Hudson's new commercial for Weight Watchers -- one I see over and over at the gym -- the perfect place for inspiration. And for me, that's what this commercial is all about.

She lists the dieter's "what ifs" -- -- and I swear she is speaking to me:
What if I can't do it?
What if I can't lose the weight?
What if I'm not ready for change?
What if I fall back into old habits?
What if I lose control?
What if there is always an excuse for why I can't?
What if I gain it all back?
What if I can't follow through?

Then Jennifer puts her finger over her mouth and says: Shhhhh..... There's only one voice worth listening to and that is the one saying you can do this."

Of course, the commercial is for Weight Watchers, but I think it translates well into all facets of our lives. What we all need to do is quiet the voice inside our head that's telling us we can't do something. We can.

So now, whenever I have any doubts at all, I think of Jennifer with her finger over her mouth, saying "Shhhhh...." The past few weeks, it has done wonders silencing doubting Val. I can do it this time. And I will.

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