Monday, June 18, 2012

New attitude

In my last post, about eight weeks ago, I wrote that I joined Weight Watchers. That lasted about two weeks. Then life got really busy and WW was soon forgotten.

I've discovered exercise. Every morning I hit the gym and do an hour of intense cardio and 30 minutes of weight training. I am now in week six, and around week three discovered that I am actually liking this routine. I am there, pushing myself daily to do more.

The best part: When I work so hard at the gym, it is much easier for me to make excellent food choices throughout the day. I also have some new food rules:
1. I never let three hours pass between my meals. If I do, that's when I start getting the munchies.
2. Each time I eat, I include some protein. It might only be an ounce, but that little amount is enough to get me through to the next meal.
3. I look at my food before I take a bite. Really look at the food.
4. I put small amounts of food on my fork.
5. I chew and chew and chew. No gulping food down.
6. I drink lots and lots of water and seltzer throughout the day.
7. I always wear my pedometer. At the gym, I usually log around 8K steps. I do not hit the sheets at night until my pedometer reads 10K. Some days that means getting on the rebounder. Other days, just grocery shopping makes up the deficit.

And I jump out of bed each morning, put on my gym clothes, and hit LA Fitness. I really cannot imagine my life any other way. Yoga still soothes my soul. But the intense exercise is fueling my body. I like the mix.

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