Tuesday, December 14, 2010


...I have none. There was a time when I would get up each morning, and the first thing I would do would log onto my blog and write. The last few weeks, this obviously has not been the case.

Part of the reason was a death in the family, which affected me greatly. But there is so much more to it than that.

It's all about discipline. And if I really think about it, isn't that what losing weight is all about as well?

I started the blog by saying I have no discipline, which really is not the case. But I do let things slide. When there are cookies around, somehow they find their way into my mouth. When I wake up in the morning emotionally drained, it is so easy to walk right past my computer than to sit down and write in my blog.

If I equate everything I do to discipline, not to willpower, maybe I really could make serious changes in my life. Learned behaviors. New patterns. Little steps toward change. Aren't all these simply buzz words for plain old discipline?

If I focus on one word, maybe I really could eventually make some serious changes. Discipline. Say it loud. Say it strong.

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