Friday, December 3, 2010

31 Days in December

SparksPeople is a community of people with a common goal: to lose weight, eat better and exercise more. My kind of Web site.

A few days ago, I downloaded a calendar Sparks compiled, “31 Days to Healthier Holidays.” So here we are, three days into December, and this morning was the first chance I got to read each day’s suggestions.

Dec. 1 was the day to take inventory of all the situations coming up that will make it difficult to eat wisely. Yesterday was a reminder to exercise at least 30 minutes each day – and if you can’t find 30 minutes at one stretch, to break it up into smaller segments.

And today’s thought: splurge wisely, a dose of reality to remind us that we don’t have to eat everything in sight. Just because something is in front of you doesn’t mean you have to eat the whole thing.

Case in point: Wednesday night we were having dinner in NYC, and I made terrific food choices – salad followed by fish. We were a table of 10, and when it came time for dessert, my very trim sister-in-law ordered two desserts – a tiramisu and a cheesecake. Those two desserts made it around the table twice, with each person taking little slivers, which you could really taste and savor. And when the dessert plates were finally put down, there was still a little bit of dessert on each plate.

And here is the key: Desserts are OK, but do you really have to eat the whole thing? Isn’t it better to take a sliver, really taste that sliver, and perhaps have a second sliver, rather than big bites of dessert, sometimes without even tasting what you are eating? And maybe, just maybe, my sister-in-law’s tactic of not depriving herself really is important for keeping those extra pounds from piling on.

So yes, Sparks, I intend to splurge wisely this holiday season. At the very least, I am going to try my hardest to accomplish this goal.

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