Friday, July 2, 2010

Eric Clapton

I owe Eric Clapton big time. Not for his wonderful music, which I have enjoyed for years, but for his autobiography, which I just finished reading.

It was such an honest pouring out of his life, the scattered affairs he enjoyed or endured, depending on his mood, the amazing artists that have all influenced him and is music, and his drug and alcohol addictions, which ruled the first part of his life.

He's been clean for about 25 years now, but as I was reading about how hard it was for him to stop drugging and drinking, I thanked God that those are not my issues, but honestly, staying on a healthy diet and not eating what I shouldn't is my life's greatest challenge. And when I give in and start eating everything in sight, I have the same feelings of guilt, the feelings of worthlessness, the feelings that I am letting my loved ones down that Clapton talks about in his life's story.

Sunday was when I became immersed in the healing part of Clapton's autobiography. And Monday, each time I wanted to eat something I knew I shouldn't, I thought of Clapton and said: if he could change his life, so can I.

So the rubber bands I wear daily, the ones that I snap when I want to eat something loaded with calories, now have a name: Eric. And like Clapton, I am surrendering to a higher being, and thanking God each night for helping me get through the day, and asking his help each morning.

This really is something I have never done before.

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