Monday, November 16, 2009

What a week

I know there are worst things than the flu, but when it hit me last week, I couldn't think of one. After 8 days, I've yet to reach the feeling terrific stage. All I really want to do is sleep.
And eat.
But that's understandable because I know I eat when I'm tired, a subject I blogged about recently. I also seem to lack motivation. Preparing my daily salad for lunch is too much trouble. I have no energy. It's much easier to open a can of soup, but for me, that's like Chinese food: two hours later I'm starving. I need something else with that soup, but anything that's appealing is too fattening.
This afternoon I screamed "enough," soaked a pound of black beans, cooked them up, and know that tomorrow night's dinner will be a mix of the beans, some brown rice, jarred salsa, diced scallions, with a sprinkling of diced black olives. Healthy? You bet. Easy? Absolutely. Filling? The complex carbs and protein will keep me sated for hours.
The way I'm feeling, this might just be my dinner all week.


  1. I love this dinner! It is yummy. Sometimes we make it with whole wheat tortillas too.

    Kim Foster

  2. It is yummy, isn't it? Jack would like the tortillas, and then, of course, you could add some cheese as well. Thanks for the tip!