Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Losing weight and no one is noticing

I started losing weight about a year ago, deciding that this time there would be no fast diets. I want to do this for good this time. So far I have lost 42 of the 80 pounds I need to shed, and guess what: no one has noticed my weight loss. I’m tall, 5’ 10”, so I hide some weight. But....

Yesterday I was really thinking about this and came to some conclusions:
1.  I am still fat. I need to lose 38 pounds. That’s 4 10-pound bags of potatoes. 
2.  People don’t really look that carefully at others. And if they do notice, maybe they are afraid or embarrassed to ask. 
3.  Most significantly: They still see me as fat. 

That last one hurts but it is the reality I need. 

For the past few months this has really bothered me. I want people to notice, to tell me good job, and encourage me on as bystanders do for runners at a race.

Not anymore. What I identified above was not easy to do but it was an important exercise because it made me think of my ultimate why. Why am I on this journey?

And bottom line: I am not losing weight for other people. I am doing it for me. And I know how much I am losing. And most importantly, I know why and that will keep me going.

And one of these days I know someone will look at me and ask: "Are you losing weight?" And I'll burst out laughing.

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