Friday, March 23, 2018

Finding my WHY

1,215 days ago I stopped posting, because honestly, I decided my blogging days were over.

However, over the past three years I have discovered some important things about the way I eat -- all in my quest to answer this elusive question:

How could I possibly fix my eating habits if I couldn't explain WHY I do what I do?

For example:

·         Why do I eat healthy foods one day, and then decided the next day that ice cream and cookies are what I really need?

·         Why do I exercise one day, and then choose to be a couch potato the next?

·         Why do I cook a really great dinner one night, and the next day decide take-out pizza is so much better for me?

The WHY is not easy to figure out.

Have I figured everything out? Of course not. But I have figured out the important whys, and that is what I will begin sharing in this space.

I will also share how I went about changing.

The first key for me was embracing mindfulness.

Mindfulness in action

More than three years ago I co-founded Pathway to Mindfulness, and daily teach clients how to build a sustainable mindful meditation practice that changes patterns of behavior. I have watched thousands of people transform their lives, including me, but the one thing I REALLY wanted to change – my weight – seemed to be out of my reach.
But then, I began to approach losing weight as a mindful journey, without judgment.

I also embraced curiosity, which I believe is key to changing your life. I have learned a lot about my body, what can set me off on a binge, and how my moods are directly linked to the food I eat.

My new mantra: I am not losing weight. I am getting rid of it with no intention of ever finding it again. But I am doing this all with a mindful intent.

If I can conquer this, anyone can!

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