Monday, November 12, 2012

Could Paleo be it?

Weird day. Not one craving. And I actually felt like cooking.

Definitely not a normal day.

I started the day with a 2-egg omelet, loaded with veggies, and then headed to the store to stock up on Paleo-friendly foods. Before I knew it, it was time for lunch. Not once this morning did I even think about eating.

Lunch, a huge salad with a sliced chicken breast for protein, a tad bit of olive oil, and some great fig balsamic. Again, not one craving. 3 p.m. came and went without my stomach telling me I needed food.

I ate dinner around 7, spaghetti squash topped with a Paleo bolognese. Filling. Yummy. A true success.

Can it be this easy? I hope so. I liked today and the way I approached eating. I am sated. Happy. Full. But most importantly, I am convinced that I can do this.

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