Friday, May 28, 2010

It's been too long

Yet again, it's time to confess. May has not been a good eating month for me, and when I realized it's almost June, my internal voice screamed ENOUGH!

I would love to figure out how I can be so on target with my eating for so long, and then puff -- my best intentions are gone. I know I had my daughter's wedding hanging over my head, which really did keep me on track. But as soon as she said "I do," I started to say the same thing to all the things I've avoided for months. I do want those cookies. So I ate them. I do want licorice. So I ate it. I do want ice cream. I think you get the picture.

I've also avoided posting -- something my husband reminds me daily -- but I have felt like such a fraud and could not write a word.

So now, today, I'm back on track. I've actually been back for two days -- and believe me that is an amazing accomplishment. But of course, I needed a crutch, and I found it in the Fullbar -- It was developed by Dr. Micheal Snyder, a surgeon at the Bariatric Center for Excellence in Colorado. Daily, he treats the obese, which got him thinking about those of us who do not qualify for -- or do not want -- stomach surgery to lose weight. He began working with a food scientist, eventually creating what I am praying is my solution to shed some serious weight. You eat one Fullbar 30 minutes before lunch and dinner, along with a 16-oz. glass of water. According to Dr. Synder, the ingredients in the Fullbar expand in your stomach, which makes you feel full. So you are more sated before you begin your meal, which will translate into your eating less calories at your meals.

It might all be in my mind, but the last two days, it's worked for me. It reminds me of Ayds, the chewy diet caramels that were the rage in the '70s and '80s. I used them for years, eating a few before meals with a hot cup of coffee or tea, and they really did help me maintain a healthy weight. But as public awareness for AIDS increased, Ayds sales dropped in half, and not even a name change could help the ailing company.

So for now, it's two Fullbars a day and lots of water. And if I make it through this long holiday weekend making good food choices, I really will have something to celebrate -- ME -- someone I have been berating and abusing this month of May. It's time to start treating my body with respect, filling it with foods that will fuel my energy level and keep me healthy.


  1. Val, it's so hard to lose weight and maintain a diet and proper eating regimen for life. The great thing about you is that you keep trying different things. As long as you do that, you will be successful. So if you fall off the wagon occasionally it will be okay.

    I didn't know about fullbar, which sounds interesting. But a long time ago I interviewed a doctor who specializes in getting celebrities to lose weight. One of the things he advised is to drink a can of V8 or tomato juice about a half hour before dinner. I used to do that and it had the same effect-- filling up the stomach, so I guess this stuff works.

    Good luck.

  2. Why is the devil called extra weight so hard to get a handle on?

  3. I hope the wedding went beautifully and smoothly. Everyone who knows you and saw you at the March CPC program thought you look terrific. And I can't imagine anyone thinking you are a fraud for not posting daily. Your posts are so honest that sometimes they're painful because they hit home.