Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's all about change

A few weeks ago, one of the challenges on the Biggest Loser really hit home. For those of you who watch the show, contestants held a tray of quarters in one hand. It sounds easy, but as I watched each of the contestants drop their trays because their hands cramped up, I started to think about change -- and how small it seems, but how significant it becomes to any weight-loss plan.

Because that is what weight loss is about: CHANGE. You cannot lose weight if you continue to do the status quo. That behavior is what got me overweight. So change it is.

But it's so hard. It's so much easier to revert to past habits, because although they might not be healthy, they are comforting. What I have to remember is that comfort after comfort after comfort (translation: bowls of ice cream after Twizzlers after pretzles) eventually brings me days of trying to get back on track.

My lifestyles coach Heather Pierce taught me tricks to break my inner negative feelings. Or, as one my friend Ann tells me all the time: "Stop being so hard on yourself."

I am changing. I am becoming more positive about me. I have always been positive about most everything else. Me is hard. But I am beginning to banish my inner negativity. It's hard, but I do believe it might be the key to unlocking my inner thinness. It's in there someplace. And I'm beginning to believe it is gradually coming true.

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  1. Small steps! I seem to be going backward at the moment. That needs to change NOW!