Monday, December 14, 2009

True confessions

This post is for my daughter, Kara, who told me Saturday night -- between bites of pot roast -- that I lie. And she's right, sort of.

Last week was my vegetarian week, and I really did make it through most of the week, until Kara decided to come for dinner Saturday night. I had just gone grocery shopping and had planned mahi mahi for Saturday's dinner. There wasn't enough for three, so the rump roast that would have gotten the slow cooker treatment Monday became dinner Saturday. So Kara, it's your fault.

No it's not. I have been a horrid eater recently, plagued by lack of sleep and stress. Add to that my absolute lack of exercise, and I've regressed to my old ways. And yes, many of the pounds I managed to shed have come back. So I'm back where I started.

What trips that switch between eating well and eating everything in sight? How can I be so good for weeks, and then puff, throw it all away? I know I am not alone.

Because of scheduling conflicts, I have not seen my health and lifestyles coach, Heather Pierce, professionally in weeks. I did bump into her Friday night, and promised we would get together after the holidays, when what I should have done is made an appointment to meet with her this week. By saying "after the holidays," I was mentally giving myself permission to keep eating. But I didn't realize this until I just wrote it down.

Now I know why people blog.

Gotta go. I'm off to "Walk Away the Pounds" with Leslie Sansone and her posse. And maybe today, I'll remember to chew each bite of food 20 times. Small steps this week.

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