Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The mental slap

Holiday stress has officially taken hold. Between my job in public relations, my side job selling the most gorgeous jewelry from Bali, and my life, there is little time to cook.

Which means I am not eating correctly. I am constantly exhausted, and for me, that translates into little exercise and making poor food choices. What a diffference a few days can make. Last week I was determined to eat correctly this holiday season. This week I am desparately trying to find time to fit in a healthy meal.

This is not good news for my body. But I am not giving up. Instead, I need to plan. I cannot leave the house like I did yesterday without eating breakfast. In fact, what I really need to do is eat three healthy meals a day, and include easy snacks to keep my blood sugar level. And drink water. This is so not rocket science.

And when I reach for something I really should not eat, I will give my hand a mental slap. I learned this trick years ago, and if you remember to do it, it works. As you see your hand reaching for something loaded with sugar and calories, imagine your other hand giving it a good slap. And make it a hard one. There are times when it can actually hurt. Or is that my mind screaming that it really wants that chocolate chip cookie? Whatever, the mental slap can be effective.

I obviously need some help!

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  1. Right there with you. I finally made an appt. with a Naturopathic Dr. I'm finding the further I get away from 50, the more my body is drifting. My cholesterol is climbing for the first time EVER, other levels associated with being overweight, which I certainly am, are on the rise as well. And this is to say nothing about the downward drift I'm doing. Blah!
    HOWever, this time and for the first time, I'm going to listen to what the good Dr. says and do it. I really and truly want to live to be an healthy and fit old old lady. I can't think of anything worse than to be alive and incapacitated and a burden on my kids.