Tuesday, September 16, 2014

180-degree turn

Yet again, I started searching for a new diet last week.

Although I loved Paleo, I started thinking that meat with every meal -- even if it is organic and grass fed -- or chicken, fish or eggs cannot be good for a body.

And while it made me feel terrific that last time I was on it, this time I felt horrid. No energy. Not sleeping. Cranky. Really craving peanut butter, and honestly that is something I hardly ever eat.

I was avoiding breakfast because I really don't like eggs, and meat in the morning does not cut it for me. I always eat a big salad at lunch, and it was always the chicken I had to include that I ate last. It wasn't appealing anymore. Dinners were amazing, and they should be if you can have great protein, fat and a bunch of wonderful spices. Paleo recipes really do rock, but dinner was so good I was eating too much, which is exactly why I was not losing.

But the main reason I started searching for a new diet plan was that my blood pressure was not going down. In fact, most days it was up.

Enter Joel Fuhrman's latest, "The End of Dieting." I had seen Dr. Furhman on Dr. Oz a few years ago and bought his "Eat To Live." It didn't resonate with me. I was so not ready to become a vegan.

But with the newest iteration of his diet, you can include a little meat, chicken or fish each week. And it fits perfectly with the name of this blog.

So I am giving it a try. and wishing myself luck.

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