Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Patting myself on my Paleo back!

Why is the patting taking place? Because today is Tuesday and I made it through one day eating clean Paleo.

And last night I was asking myself why I had ever gone off this way of eating? I actually had an answer:
1. Laziness: Although Paleo meals are delicious, you really have to plan, grocery shop and cook -- and sometimes that mix is not easy.
2. Boredom: It usually starts when I am craving a pizza with sausage and garlic, that contains everything my stomach hates: bread and cheese. If I could only remember before we order the pizza that I am going to be up all night with stomach pains and heartburn maybe that order would never happen.
3. I HAVE NO IDEA. If I knew, I would unlock the reason why I stop eating good-for-me foods and fill up on junk.

I want this all to stop.

Once and fall all and forever.

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